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Real Ice Cream

The adventure of “real ice cream” is 300- year adventure of ice cream starting with Karsambac made of molasses, honey and fruit extracts added to snow. The name of ice cream combines with a city in this adventure. Kahramanmaras did not only give its name to the ice cream... With its consistency and special aroma, it gives the secret of taste in K. Maras ice -cream. The milk of goats feeding with wild orchid flowers, thymus and keven greening in plateaus close to clouds in Ahir Mountain and sahlep collecting from bulbs of these orchids gently.

There is very valuable thing in this secret. This is the patient shown by the master knowing the pleasure to be given by the instant taste to achieve perfect consistency !

Karsambaç, K.Maraş Ice cream, Mado...
From past to the future, this is “real ice cream”!

Sliced Ice Cream